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The Back Fix - A Book by Antony Bush

The Back Fix - A Book by Antony Bush

Learn the simple lifestyle steps to fixing your back pain yourself by taking a more animalisticapproach to your problem.

The real 'treatment' for back pain is nothing like what we have been doing in the past or, unfortunately in many cases, still doing.

The answer, the missing link, lies deeply rooted within our lifestyle and behaviour – the way we live, move, work, and think about our pain.

Thankfully, brilliantly, inexpensively, these things are completely within our power to manage ourselves.

Find yourinner animal. Understand that you are your own best treatment. Use movement as a way back to enjoying a healthier, happier, more fulfilled and self-empowered life.

This book is for those with back pain who are distressed and lost. It is for people who are confused by all the wide and various treatment options.

The aim of this book is to clear a pathway through the tangled jungle of fast-fix claims and snake oil remedies. It is to help you understand how to manage your back pain as simply and quickly as possible. It is to help you answer the question: ‘Where is my back pain coming from and what can I do to fix it myself?’ It is to show you how to become the central protagonist in the story of your own recovery. 

We’ve tried to lay out this book as simply as possible, with as many infographics as we can, so you can pick it up at any point, have a quick glance and learn something useful. We repeat and re-emphasize important points. But the central aim is this: to get you feeling and functioning well, to give you the knowledge and understanding, to enable and empower you to manage your back pain yourself. The fact is, you are your own best treatment. Without doubt, the best practitioner to fix your back pain is you.

In this book, Antony Bush has provided an exceptional resource for people with back pain. No quick fix exists, but much can be done by looking at our lifestyle - how we function and move. The Back Fix provides a great tool for teaching people how to self-manage their back pain, whether acute or chronic. Antony and his team deserve our congratulations and thanks for an educational and enjoyable read.