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GoTubb 3-Pack Small

The civilized, one-handed container.

GoTubb 5 oz. Clear/Orange/Red Containers (HG0214) by Humangear®. 3 Per Pack. Patented worldwide, the GoTubb's ingenious design opens and closes with just one hand. Great for pills, knick-knacks, snacks, vitamins, change, or just about anything. Food-safe (FDA) and 100% BPA-free, PC-free, and phthalate-free.


Volume: 0.5 oz. (15 ml)

Diameter: 1.2" (3 cm)

Dry Weight: 0.2 oz. (5.7 g.)

Color: Clear/Orange/Red


Fluids? GoTubbs are water-resistant, not water-proof. They are not designed for use with fluids

The ingenious, one-handed hard container

Built to deliver excellent levels of quality and convenience

Unique design to help you show off your individuality

Underwent rigorous quality control inspections

The GoTubb's design allows you to open and close it with only one hand. Just squeeze the sides and the lid is released. To close, simply press back on. For everything that you can't squeeze out of a GoToob, there's GoTubb. GoTubbs work great with pills, knick-knacks, snacks, vitamins, change, bits-n-piece, you name it. A recessed, textured labeling area resists being rubbed off, and the transparent tops let you see what's inside without opening them.


Suggested Uses


GoTubbs are great for dry contents. Here are only a few of the things you can put in yours:


Pills; Vitamins; Cough drops; Snacks; Nuts; Granola; Spices; Change; Bits-n-pieces; Buttons; Safety pins; Fingernail clippers; Floss; Hair clips; Hair ties; Rubber bands; Paper clips; Nuts and bolts; Batteries; Jewelry; Beads; Blue Tooth; Ear buds; Knick-knacks.