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Check this space for the latest information from the Chill Mountains. This space will continually be updated as information gets released.

SAANZ Update - issued 20 March 2020


The SAANZ executive committee met on 20 March 2020 to discuss the ever evolving Covid-19 pandemic and the impact it may have on the ski industry this year.

All member ski areas are currently planning for a range of different scenarios including a season focused solely on a domestic visitor market.
SAANZ members are taking a lead from the government in terms of operations and this includes pausing various marketing activity, ensuring no one is encouraging unnecessary travel at this time.

Our priority as a ski industry is to look after the health and safety of our visitors and teams. However, this includes being able to provide access to a sport that keeps people active, enhancing their mental and physical wellbeing, especially through this difficult time.

We also feel an obligation to our communities to open our ski areas this winter to provide financial stimulus to the regions in which we operate.
The SAANZ executive committee will continue to meet regularly as the situation progresses and keep everyone updated.


Mt Cheeseman


Mt Dobson

Temple Basin



Presidential Address






Dear TBSC members,

With the government announcement yesterday that the Covid- 19 alert level is to be raised to level 4 by midnight on 25th March, we along with other clubs and ski operators around the country are grappling with how this could potentially affect the 2020 season and the operation of the field.  

Due to the difficulties the lockdown poses for our preparation for the season, and uncertainty around how long the situation will last, the current plan is that the field will not open for the 2020 ski season.  

The huts will be shut as of 25 March, and only essential maintenance work/ checks carried out after the 4 week lockdown.

We will do our best over the coming months to prepare the tows and basic services so that if the virus containment strategy is successful, and there is snow, the field can function.
We remain hopeful that we can get some skiing in but the stark reality is that we all need to prepare for the likelihood that this will not happen. The government will ultimately have the final say.
With this in mind, the club has decided to suspend 2020 season pass & buddy pass sales. We will be in touch with those of you who have paid already, and these may either be refunded or carried over to next season.

I wish you all luck in the coming months and hope to see you up on the slopes when we get through this.

Yours sincerely
Hamish Peddie
TBSC President