Stu Waddel

I’ve lived in Christchurch for over 20 years, and initially struggled with the flat city having been brought up at the top of the Cable Car in Wellington. Cycling in Christchurch City for me started as a laugh on my first bike - vintage Raleigh, Stu’s Blue.  I love the simplicity of the older bikes and the colour they bring to our city streets.  Like any good collector, my next bike was irresistible, a gold Raleigh with a two speed kick back inner hub, now called Gold Member.  Somehow the Vintage Peddler collection grew, and our excuse ….to share these bikes with others who wish to explore Christchurch.

Today, we offer tours of the city which take in the changing urbanscape, and we also have a collection of classic new bikes. Personally, exploring Christchurch on a bike is the best way to find secret spots, indulge in good food and activities on offer, and share the ride with others.  I enjoy showing people about, sharing my story of life living and working in the city, and hearing about other people’s passion for travelling on two wheels.  Chill - Explore With Us.